Awaken all of your senses

Come to the sanctuary with a boutique offer and let yourselves be seduced into an entirely alternative repose. At the edges of the ancient forests of the Kočevski Rog plateau, we pay homage to the green scenery of Dolenjska: we pamper you with native herbs. You will find them on our plates; you will immerse yourselves in them as you sink into a restful sleep; and you will learn about them through the unforgettable experiences that we prepare for you.

Here, with us, you will awaken all of your senses. Even the sixth one.

Sun shining

All experiences

Meet our local herbalist

Get to know the local herbalist and learn how to make homemade herbal soap. Do you prefer rosemary or camomile? It's time to learn something new. The new experiences and knowledge will help you to live the best life you can. Start with small steps.

Awaken all of your senses in a forest bath

Even the sixth one. Listen, touch, taste, observe and take in the scent of the forest. Slide your fingers over the ferns, covered with early morning dew, and take a barefoot walk on soft mossy grounds. Breathe in the fresh air. Gather the fruits of nature and take a moment to listen to the inhabitants of the forest; listen to the rustle of the wind and the hum of the stream. Embrace a 500-year-old fir tree. Surrender to nature and rediscover your inner peace.

Discover the beneficial effects of native herbs

Take a mini herbal course and in the company of connoisseurs, collect seasonal herbs that were known to our ancestors. In the evening, choose a herbal pillow from the menu at Oštarija Herbelier, which will help you sink into a deep, restful sleep.