Awaken all of your senses

Come to the sanctuary with a boutique offer and let yourselves be seduced into an entirely alternative repose. At the edges of the ancient forests of the Kočevski Rog plateau, we pay homage to the green scenery of Dolenjska: we pamper you with native herbs. You will find them on our plates; you will immerse yourselves in them as you sink into a restful sleep; and you will learn about them through the unforgettable experiences that we prepare for you.

Here, with us, you will awaken all of your senses. Even the sixth one.

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Unforgettable Memory The Forest Way

from 162€ per one person
Unforgettable Memory The Forest Way program is part of the program with Oštarija-Herbelier's team where you can experience Kočevski rog plateau. It lasts for three days (two nights). The first day is dedicated to culinary, second is for rog plateau, on the third day you get to know survivor technics. We finish our third day by the fire with the best view on the Dolenjska region.
Unforgettable Memory The Forest Way

Unforgettable Memory

from 103€ per one person
Program Unforgettable memory is part of the program with Ostarija-Herbelier's team. It lasts two days (one night). Relay all your senses - even the sixth one. 
Unforgettable Memory

The Forest Way

from 110€ per one person
Program on The forest way in part of the program with Ostarija - Herbelier's team where you can experience Kocevski rog plateau. It lasts two days (one night). You get to know some survivor technics and finish the day with the best view on the Dolenjska region.
The Forest Way

All experiences

Enjoy the snowy slopes

Close to Dolenjske Toplice, you can find a charming ski resort: Gače. It is suitable for young children as well as experienced skiers: there are 5 ski lifts with a 550-meter height difference and 2800 meters of ski runs, often covered with a blanket of snow even when other locations lack proper skiing conditions. Revel in beautiful views of the vast forests of the Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) and Bela Krajina (White Carniola) regions and on a sunny day with clear skies, admire the mountain peaks of the Julian Alps on the horizon. Our guests have a 20% discount on ski resort services.

Discover nature while cross-country skiing

Lovers of cross-country skiing can have a proper field day at Boričevo, in Velike Brusnice and in the vicinity of the Gače ski resort. Cross-country skiing has the reputation of being the most optimal type of exercise and the Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) region with its rolling hills makes for the perfect location! Strengthen your body through gentle ascents and descents; breathe in the fresh air of the unspoiled nature as you follow the rhythmic movements.

Calm your mind and strengthen your body at a Wellness Centre

Enjoy a massage and pamper yourselves at the Balnea Wellness Center and its large sauna complex. Take your time; do not rush. Let go of your worries, warm your body up slowly – then cool it down thoroughly. In the Wellness Center complex of Dolenjske Toplice, you will find Finnish, Turkish and infrared saunas, a Japanese sweat bath and a variety of Zen ritual options. Guests staying with us have a 10% discount on wellness services.

Enjoy a day by the pools

Relax in the soothing thermal waters of Dolenjske Toplice. The largest indoor pool has an area of 324 square meters and is directly connected with the outdoor swimming pool. Relax your muscles with water massages, indulge in the bubbling thermal waters of the whirlpool bath and – above all – have fun! On Fridays and Saturdays, you can even enjoy a night bath with a glass of sparkling wine in your hand. Guests staying at Oštarija Herbelier have a 10% discount on all services.

Indulge in a wellness day

Relax in the soothing thermal waters of the Dolenjske Toplice Spa. At the Balnea Wellness Center, treat yourselves to a massage, pamper yourselves in the large sauna complex or take a swim in the indoor and outdoor pools. Guests of the Oštarija Herbelier have a 10% discount on all services.

Awaken all of your senses in a forest bath

Even the sixth one. Listen, touch, taste, observe and take in the scent of the forest. Slide your fingers over the ferns, covered with early morning dew, and take a barefoot walk on soft mossy grounds. Breathe in the fresh air. Gather the fruits of nature and take a moment to listen to the inhabitants of the forest; listen to the rustle of the wind and the hum of the stream. Embrace a 500-year-old fir tree. Surrender to nature and rediscover your inner peace.

Discover the beneficial effects of native herbs

Take a mini herbal course and in the company of connoisseurs, collect seasonal herbs that were known to our ancestors. In the evening, choose a herbal pillow from the menu at Oštarija Herbelier, which will help you sink into a deep, restful sleep.

Actively across waters, hills and forests

Would you rather cycle through the hilly countryside or paddle over emerald pools? Here, you can do it all: Discover the most beautiful trails of Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Kočevska on foot, on horseback or with a bicycle, and enjoy the beautiful upper reach of Krka or the wilderness of Kolpa on a raft or a canoe. Play a game of golf and try your luck with a fishing rod. Head to the tennis courts for a recreational game of tennis and in winter, descend down the slopes of the Bela ski resort.

A hike on the trail of bear paws

Do you dare to venture deep into the forest with just a map in your hand, a bundle over your shoulder and a handful of hints? Take the path of bear paws, explore the cave with a bonfire and become a master of ancient tools and weapons. Refresh yourselves with a snack in the woods, find food in the woods for yourselves and find accommodation and cook dinner without a stove, oven or lighters.