Oštarija Herbelier

Awaken all of your senses.

Welcome to Oštarija Herbelier! Let yourselves be seduced into an entirely alternative retreat in the sanctuary with a boutique offer. Taste finger-licking food, let yourself sink into a restful sleep and discover unforgettable experiences.

Here, with us, you will awaken all of your senses. Even the sixth one.

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Taste Grand Ideas

We are in love with select simple flavors that we blend into breathtaking dishes. We respect the laws of Mother Nature; that is why Chef Roberto and his team follow the rhythm of seasons. We almost exclusively use local ingredients, grown by neighboring meadows, forests, breeders and growers.

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Discover the secrets of the region

Listen to the whispers of the ancient spruce trees on the Kočevski Rog plateau. Gaze into the deep bends of the Krka River. Slide your fingers along the ferns, covered in early-morning dew. Inhale the fresh air of the primeval forest. Taste the alchemy of native herbs. Surrender to nature and rediscover peace. Return to Self.

Image of a soup

May it be the heat of the summer sun, the fog of autumn, heavy rain or a thick blanket of snow; it matters not. Here, everyone can find something for themselves.

Are you a traveler of a restless spirit with a penchant for nature adventures? Are you a firm believer in peaceful vacation and wellness? Do you want to do something special with your family or friends, or do you wish to strengthen your team spirit with your colleagues? We have something for everyone: travelers and locals; young people and those who are young especially at heart; families, friends and co-workers; and especially those of you who like finger-licking food, who like to enjoy a homey atmosphere and who love nature.

Get lost in the Kočevje Rog plateau

Turn off your phone for 24 hours, spend the day in unspoiled nature and completely forget about your everyday worries. Get lost in the Kočevje Rog plateau, together with our experienced guides.
Through soothing nature, find a genuine connection with those who embark on the adventure with you. Even with yourselves.

Bring your team for a boutique teambuilding

Do you wish to bring a breath of fresh air into your team’s daily work routine? Build the culture of mutual trust and become an even more coherent unit: in the pristine natural environment, you will strengthen the positive group dynamics and, in a day or two, connect into a team that breaths as one.

Lick your fingers clean after our homemade lumberjack snack

When the activities in nature awaken your appetite, fill your tummies with our homemade delicacies. At our restaurant, we will prepare a travel bundle for you, with homemade meats, homemade cottage cheese, tiny homemade hard-boiled eggs and a giant loaf of warm, home-baked bread with a crunchy crust or lovely bread buns covered with herb butter. And there will be other snacks to be found in the bundle. Mmmm..!

Treat yourselves to a culinary feast

When the great outdoors turn wet and foggy, it is best to spend the day someplace warm – with the ones you love the most. Indulge your taste buds and tummies: in our kitchen, you will discover the secrets of the Dolenjska region, topped with a pinch of cosmopolitan ideas. Come for lunch or dinner, for a bowl of soup or to taste our degustation menu!

Enjoy a day by the pools

Relax in the soothing thermal waters of Dolenjske Toplice. The largest indoor pool has an area of 324 square meters and is directly connected with the outdoor swimming pool. Relax your muscles with water massages, indulge in the bubbling thermal waters of the whirlpool bath and – above all – have fun! On Fridays and Saturdays, you can even enjoy a night bath with a glass of sparkling wine in your hand. Guests staying at Oštarija Herbelier have a 10% discount on all services.

Calm your mind and strengthen your body at a Wellness Centre

Enjoy a massage and pamper yourselves at the Balnea Wellness Center and its large sauna complex. Take your time; do not rush. Let go of your worries, warm your body up slowly – then cool it down thoroughly. In the Wellness Center complex of Dolenjske Toplice, you will find Finnish, Turkish and infrared saunas, a Japanese sweat bath and a variety of Zen ritual options. Guests staying with us have a 10% discount on wellness services.

Enjoy the snowy slopes

Close to Dolenjske Toplice, you can find a charming ski resort: Gače. It is suitable for young children as well as experienced skiers: there are 5 ski lifts with a 550-meter height difference and 2800 meters of ski runs, often covered with a blanket of snow even when other locations lack proper skiing conditions. Revel in beautiful views of the vast forests of the Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) and Bela Krajina (White Carniola) regions and on a sunny day with clear skies, admire the mountain peaks of the Julian Alps on the horizon. Our guests have a 20% discount on ski resort services.

Discover nature while cross-country skiing

Lovers of cross-country skiing can have a proper field day at Boričevo, in Velike Brusnice and in the vicinity of the Gače ski resort. Cross-country skiing has the reputation of being the most optimal type of exercise and the Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) region with its rolling hills makes for the perfect location! Strengthen your body through gentle ascents and descents; breathe in the fresh air of the unspoiled nature as you follow the rhythmic movements.

The green thread of Oštarija Herbelier is made of herbs

We surprise you with herbs on your plates, we help you relax with the herbs on the pillows and inspire you on alternate adventures. We are proud of the story we are writing with our local suppliers: the story of preserving and awakening our heritage, of the creative passion and the love for our green lands. Our herbal hotel has been proud to carry a truly special sign - Slovenia Green Accommodation.

Herbs in our hearts

We are a dedicated team, full of heart, that believes in the same goal and breathes as one. We love nature, we love green. Almost all of the ingredients on our plates are local. We also pay our respects to nature with our non-culinary offer.

Herbs on our plates

At Oštarija Herbelier, we remain faithful to grand culinary ideas. Almost all of the ingredients on our plates are local, but we also find inspiration in other parts of the world.

Herbs on our pillows

In the evening, select a herbal pillow at Oštarija Herbelier, which will help you sink into a deep, restful sleep. Perhaps one with lavender, the scent of which will remind you of your grandma’s closet, the wonderful fields of Provence and summer. The essential-oil-rich flower will bring you calm and relieve your worries. The soft pillows with the gentle scent of this flower can be found in the room “Lavender” (Slovenian: “sivka”).