Awaken all of your senses

Come to the sanctuary with a boutique offer and let yourselves be seduced into an entirely alternative repose. At the edges of the ancient forests of the Kočevski Rog plateau, we pay homage to the green scenery of Dolenjska: we pamper you with native herbs. You will find them on our plates; you will immerse yourselves in them as you sink into a restful sleep; and you will learn about them through the unforgettable experiences that we prepare for you.

Here, with us, you will awaken all of your senses. Even the sixth one.

Sun shining

Actively across waters, hills and forests

Would you rather cycle through the hilly countryside or paddle over emerald pools? Here, you can do it all: Discover the most beautiful trails of Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Kočevska on foot, on horseback or with a bicycle, and enjoy the beautiful upper reach of Krka or the wilderness of Kolpa on a raft or a canoe. Play a game of golf and try your luck with a fishing rod. Head to the tennis courts for a recreational game of tennis and in winter, descend down the slopes of the Bela ski resort.

A hike on the trail of bear paws

Do you dare to venture deep into the forest with just a map in your hand, a bundle over your shoulder and a handful of hints? Take the path of bear paws, explore the cave with a bonfire and become a master of ancient tools and weapons. Refresh yourselves with a snack in the woods, find food in the woods for yourselves and find accommodation and cook dinner without a stove, oven or lighters.