Awaken all your senses

Each room at the Oštarija Herbelier bears its own signature. You can relax according to your own tastes in 12 suites and rooms: Find a herb with the scent that will relax and soothe you. Among the pillows, choose the one that will help you sink into the most peaceful sleep.

Each morning, we treat our guests to a royal homemade breakfast. Remember to take advantage of the many benefits in the surrounding area: Contact us or give us a call.

The green thread of Oštarija Herbelier is made of native herbs. They are harvested on the edges of ancient forests, on local hills of green, on vast hayfields and grown in our own gardens. We surprise you with their selections in our cuisine, we use them in our pillows to help you relax and we use them to inspire you through special adventures.

We warmly welcome everyone: travelers, families, business guests, children, as well as pets. We are looking forward to your visit!

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The soothing nettles

Nettles will not sting if you use gloves to press their leaves or if you steam or cook them. You can use nettles for a body detox, to fight allergies, anemia and fatigue, to improve liver and hormone functions; nursing mothers can use them to produce milk, women can use them to soothe premenstrual syndrome; they can be used to give radiance to skin, to improve digestion, to fight inflammation and tooth decay and to boost endocrine system, including thyroid, spleen, and pancreas functions.